Exploring the Fascination of Shillong Night Teer: A Game of Luck and Tradition

In the misty hills of Meghalaya, where the air is cool and the atmosphere electric with anticipation, lies a unique tradition deeply ingrained in the local culture: Shillong Night Teer. This age-old game of luck, blending elements of archery and gambling, has captivated both locals and visitors alike for decades. Shillong Night Teer

A Cultural Tradition:

Shillong Night Teer isn’t merely a game; it’s a cultural phenomenon. Originating from the Khasi community’s love for archery, the game evolved into its current form during the British colonial era. It became a way for locals to pass the time and add a bit of excitement to their evenings.

The Gameplay:

Every night, except Sundays, the archers gather at the Teer counter in Polo Ground, Shillong. As the clock strikes 7 PM, the first round of arrows is shot, each aiming at a set of targets. Bettors, both local and remote, place their wagers on how many arrows will hit the target. The second round, starting around 8 PM, adds to the suspense as the results of the first round are announced.

Betting and Community:

Betting on Teer isn’t just about luck; it’s about community and camaraderie. Locals gather around the counters, discussing strategies, sharing tips, and enjoying the thrill of the game. It’s a social event as much as a gambling one, fostering a sense of belonging among participants.

Impact on Society:

Beyond entertainment, Shillong Night Teer plays a significant role in the local economy. It provides employment to archers, counters, and ticket sellers. The revenue generated from betting also contributes to community development, funding schools, hospitals, and infrastructure projects in the region.

Challenges and Regulations:

However, like any form of gambling, Teer faces regulatory challenges. The Meghalaya government regulates the game to ensure fair play and prevent exploitation. Over the years, regulations have evolved to strike a balance between tradition and responsible gaming.

Tourist Attraction:

For tourists, Shillong Night Teer offers a unique glimpse into local culture and traditions. It’s not uncommon to see visitors mingling with locals, placing bets, and experiencing the excitement firsthand. The game has become an integral part of Shillong’s tourism appeal, drawing curious travelers seeking authentic cultural experiences.


Shillong Night Teer is more than just a game of chance; it’s a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Meghalaya. With its blend of tradition, excitement, and community spirit, Teer continues to thrive, captivating hearts and minds, and preserving age-old customs in a rapidly changing world.

Whether you’re a local participant, a curious traveler, or a researcher of cultural phenomena, Shillong Night Teer promises an unforgettable experience—a game where arrows fly, hearts race, and traditions endure.


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